The Girls That The World Forgot

A friend of mine wrote a four part story on her blog about the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. They haven’t been rescued yet and the world seems to have forgotten about them. The media hype happened and passed but the wound opened in the hearts of their families never healed.

Behind every sensational news story there’s the human experience we tend to be oblivious to. The story of the Chibok girls is an example. Where are they? What are they doing as you reading this? Are they even alive?

An unidentified mother cries out during a demonstration with others who have daughters among the kidnapped school girls of government secondary school Chibok, Tuesday April 29, 2014, in Abuja, Nigeria.  Two weeks after Islamic extremists stormed a remote boarding school in northeast Nigeria, more than 200 girls and young women remain missing despite a “hot pursuit” by security forces and desperate parents heading into a dangerous forest in search of their daughters. Some dozens have managed to escape their captors, jumping from the back of an open truck or escaping into the bush from a forest hideout, although the exact number of escapees is unclear. (AP Photo/ Gbemiga Olamikan)

Read her heartbreaking post here: Chibok Chronicles

Plan Uk takes very seriously the issue of violence against girls because every woman has the right to be safe from violence in all its forms. Violence against girls and women stops them from realising their full potential. In turn, this impedes social and economic development, keeping girls and women and their communities trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Find out what Plan is doing to help girls here.

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